Frequently Asked Questions
by Ron Tank

What does God have to do with the stock market?
How is investing with The Triple Tank System different from other investment methods?
What are the three biggest principles for the right way for the right reasons?
How is investing in the stock market different from gambling?
All the experts including Warren Buffet say you cannot time the stock market...are they wrong?
My financial advisor, accountant or stock broker say's this is risky or impossible, who do I believe?
When it comes to investing, isn’t risk something we have to live with?
What are the three biggest benefits of using the Triple Tank?
What are the three biggest mistakes beginning investors make?
What are the three biggest mistakes professional investors make?
What is the best way to get started?
How long will it take me to find a Triple Tank?
How much money should I invest?
Where does my money actually go when I invest it?
Are most people born to be successful investors or are they made?
When you first began, Ron, did you exhibit the characteristics of “the successful investor”?
You show that the Bible gives us lots of examples of three repetitions, but how does it support the “maximum pessimism” you talk about?
The Triple Tank can take weeks or months to appear. How often should I be watching the market? Every day? Every week?
Can you explain the stock market indexes? What are they and how are they different from one another?
Why has the percentage gain needed for a Follow-Through Rally changed over the years from 1%, to 1.7%,
to currently 1.2%?
Why wouldn’t I always buy stock options instead of the stock?
Is there a way to practice trading, which won’t cost me real money?
Your strategy looks at time frames of weeks or months. How does this help me in day trading where I’m watching the charts every minute?
Is there a biblical secret for annihilating risk and winning as an investor?
What are the “Ten Commandments” of a successful investor?
Does the average American with a full-time job have time for informed investing?
How do I know if investing is for me?
How much income do I need to begin investing?
How do investments affect my taxes?
You mentioned William O’Neil in your book, The Moses of Wall Street and this Workbook. Why would
someone use your material and not his?

Ask Yourself

As a Bible believer, should I be an investor?
Do I believe the material in this investor training program?
What if I don’t understand and feel overwhelmed?
Can I overcome my fear and have faith?
Can I identify a Triple Tank? If not, what am I missing?
Can I make and execute a plan?
Can I conjure up faith and will myself to stop being afraid? What are some practical ways to gain faith and use it to annihilate fears?
What does the Bible really say about money?
When it comes to investing, how do hope and faith differ?
How do I keep myself from loving money?
Do I trust myself to cut my losses if I need to?
How do greed and my opinion effect what I do or don’t do?
What qualities make someone a successful investor?
Concerning my investments, how do I know if I’m being hopeful or greedy?
If you were back in high school or college, essentially starting over, what would you do?
Since the Bible and faith play such a large role in investing, how should an investor pray?
What if I become dependent on investment income but then I suffer a great loss?
Is there ever a time I should follow my fearful gut instincts in the stock market?
If understanding the stock market is as easy as understanding simple psychology, why don’t more
people succeed in it?
What books or articles can I read that might help me understand more about the effect psychology has on the stock market?
Should reading the news each day influence my decisions about my investments?

NOTE: These questions will be updated and expanded as we receive feedback from our readers. If you have any questions or feedback we ask that you submit them through the contact page on our website